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Critics Against Some Topics Included in the Book: Fundamentals of Fixed Prosthodontics (Shillingburg HT)

Author(s): Fendi Al Shaarani* and Rami Alaisami


Objective: Restoring the abutment with composite under the crown has long been considered a quick and ideal solution, but over time many researchers have been advised to avoid this procedure. As the concept of occlusal has undergone radical changes based on clinical reality. The existence of many "prestigious" books and international publications founded some axioms have become a false intellectual heritage, because they do not reflect the clinical reality. Methods: Some illustrative schemata and opinions expressed in the book were studied, and criticism was built on clinical experience and researchers’ publications.

Results: The concept of muscular memory, occlusal memory or position memory does not exist. There are no grounds for the use of centric relationship which is preferred being replaced with the centric occlusion. Abutment’s restoration under the crown with composite is a denied procedure from a healthy view. Relying on illustrative diagrams to present unproved ideas is unscientific, and the bending of nickel-chromium bridges is irrational.

Significance: There is no justification for emphasizing some of the ideas contained in the book that are not clinically valid for the dentist practitioner, where these are recommended to be reconsidered.

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