Cyber Medicine: A Review | 96722

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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Cyber Medicine: A Review

Author(s): Yashika Sharma*, Sourya Acharya and Sarika Dhakode


The internet is a global computer network. This infinite pool of digital networks has put humanity in an inescapable web of operated binary numbers which are intractable but intractable. The universe of medicine and its numerous specialties are similarly boundless and unbounded. When the two collide, as they do now, an explosion of data is unavoidable. The effects of the explosion are still being felt, with waves of information crashing down on the medical community. As far as humans are concerned I can tell, browsing and evaluating all of the medical and health care related websites would be impossible to operate without dossier contributions from medical as well as paramedical professionals. The purpose of this article is to describe medicine on the Internet, its intimate and growing relationship with the information structure available to us in form of zeros and ones and how, in order to make it easier for all medical workers to obtain useful information fast. It is also very vital to understand how this amalgamation of abstract knowledge of medical science with a more practicable approach to electronics will give direction to the future. A future that can either end in catastrophe or commencement towards a wonderful creation. At the turn of the century, it is evident that the net, e-mail, the web browsers and the information superhighway are here to stay, it has now become unavoidable and these innovations will impact medical training, learning and research, as well as healthcare delivery, in a number of ways, but there is still and always lot to discover and invent.

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