Delivery of Drug across Blood Brain Barrier | 93446

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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Delivery of Drug across Blood Brain Barrier

Author(s): Sonal Setya*, Saad Mohd Shakir, Aishwary Awasthi, Bhupendra Chauhan, Sanjeev Mittal


Various drug delivery approaches are currently being developed to reduce drug degradation and loss, avoid adverse side effects, and the fraction of the drug accumulated in the desired region like soluble polymers, micro particles consisting of insoluble or biodegradable polymers, natural and synthetic polymers, microcapsules, cells, liposomes, and micelles are examples of drug carriers. Blood Brain Barrier (BBB) aids in maintenance of a homeostatic state within the CNS. However, this is a serious barrier when attempting to administer medications through the systemic route. There are two forms of drug distribution namely invasive approach and non-invasive approaches. It is preferable to administer the medication using non-invasive methods to deliver drug to avoid risks. A number of nanoparticles have been created, to allow therapeutic drugs to cross the BBB. The recently developed delivery methods discussed in this study have potential to improve BBB permeability in a fewer invasive or even noninvasive way

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