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Dermatoglyphics in Dentistry a Study on Knowledge About Importance of Dermatoglyphics among First Year Dental Students

Author(s): Yoshita Guntupalli, Keerthi Sasanka L*, Karthik Ganesh Mohanraj and Dhanraj Ganapathy


Dermatoglyphics is an important screening test which can be used in the early diagnosis of many diseases including dental diseases. It is the study of dermal ridges and patterns. Selected patterns indicate the presence or occurrence of certain diseases. Fingerprints are present on every individual and hence availability is not a problem. If sufficient knowledge is inculcated, many diseases can be cured in early stages. In the present study, a self prepared questionnaire comprising 10 questions was prepared and circulated among the participants on an online basis. The results were collected and the knowledge and awareness levels of the students were hence analysed. It was found that 79.8% of students had heard of dermatoglyphics previously but only 32.7% knew it was the study of dermal patterns and ridges. Not many were aware of the uses and purpose of dermatoglyphics and its use in dentistry. The awareness levels among the dental students were poor. Measures should be taken to spread knowledge and awareness about this important diagnostic tool and its effective use in treating diseases.

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