Design and Formulation of Inorganic Dispersed Organogel for Hemostasis | Abstract

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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Design and Formulation of Inorganic Dispersed Organogel for Hemostasis

Author(s): Mohsen Ebrahimi, Alireza Golaghaei, Ali Mehramizi, Amirhosein Morovati


Hemostasis occurs by dehydrating the injury site, concentrating clotting factors, delivering clotting agents such as thrombin and fibrinogen or forming a physical barrier against bleeding. Introducing an economical alternative to thrombin and fibrinogen based injectable solutions, which has a risk of strong coagulation activation into the circulatory system is the main objective. To form a physical barrier against bleeding an organogel base (hydrocarbon type) was chosen. Colloidal silicone dioxide was dispersed in mineral oil and vitamin K1 (phytonadione) under a mixer to form a powder gel base. Sifted Kaolin (Al2Si2O5(OH)4), a crystalline mineral, was dispersed in ultrapure water using a propeller mixer to form an inorganic gel. Once in the wound the material should solidify to prevent its loss to unaffected areas. Hence, sifted carbopol 974P NF was spread in ultrapure water using a propeller mixer. These two aqueous phases were added to the organogel base using a sorbitol-based nonionic surfactant (1%), sorbitan sesquioleate under a homogenizer to transport the aqueous phases into a main continuous phase. Comparing the viscosity results of F6 and F7, F7 showed a higher viscosity. Viscosity reduction due to increase in shear rate was slighter for F7 in comparison to F6. Introducing an organogel base to form a physical barrier, Kaolin, which functions as an absorbent and coagulation activator (Factor XII), vitamin K1, which has an effect on ?-carboxylation of coagulation factors and healing wounds, carbopol 974P NF, which is an excellent mucoadhesive showed a promising economical approach for hemostasis.

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