Design of Health in Equity Questionnaire among Medical Staff | 1879

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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Design of Health in Equity Questionnaire among Medical Staff

Author(s): Jokar Mozhgan, Khalili Arash, Shayan Arezoo, Parand Abdolmajid


Equity is an ethical principle that is closely related to human rights. The purpose of this study is to design of Health in equity Questionnaire among Medical staff. To design a Health in equity Questionnaire, a preliminary list of 20 questions was prepared. The validity of the questionnaire was face and content validity, and for reliability, Cronbach's alpha test was used. All of 20 questionnaires had high content validity and the questionnaire with content validity index (CVI) values 0.94 and content validity ratio(CVR) 0.97 were approved. The final results showed that the final questionnaire after the pilot study that was performed on 80 nurses who working in different wards of Imam Sajjad Hospital in Yasuj city in Iran with Cronbach's alpha was 0.86. To measure the Equity among health care staff, a valid and reliable questionnaire that can accurately measure this amount is needed. According to the results, the questionnaire of this study is an appropriate tool for the measure the Equity among health care staff.


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