Detailed Review of Challenges Faced in Managing Asymptomatic Carriers and their Contribution in Transmission | Abstract

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Detailed Review of Challenges Faced in Managing Asymptomatic Carriers and their Contribution in Transmission

Author(s): Deepshikhar Gupta and Swaroopa Chakole*


Background: Corona virus 2019 is a new human respiratory disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Carriers of the virus that do not have symptoms do not show clinical signs but are known to be contagious. A small number of asymptomatic individuals often avoid detection by public health monitoring programs. Unmarked carriers are a silent threat to communities because these people may not follow risk reduction strategies (e.g. wearing a face mask). The rapid spread of COVID-19, strongly influenced by asymptomatic hostility, forced governments around the world to establish and enforce shut off policies aimed at reducing transmission. This manuscript therefore aims to highlight the challenges faced by managing asymptomatic COVID-19 carriers by health professionals and the establishment of the fact that patient without any display of symptoms implement a major role in the distribution of COVID worldwide.

Summary: While it was believed that people with symptoms were able to transmit the disease, the study believed that carriers without symptoms had an equal amount of risk in their transmission. The silent threat posed by asymptomatic and unregistered carriers makes the COVID-19 epidemic extremely difficult to control by health professionals. Severe pneumonia, cardiac arrhythmias are some of the problems seen in symptomatic patients due to diagnostic delays and difficult to control.

Conclusion: So according to the literature asymptomatic carriers are dangerous to people and to their health. A major problem with early detection of invisible cases has been reduced to a major challenge for health professionals. Asymptomatic carriers also have the same amount of threat of transmission as carriers with symptoms.

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