Detection and Isolation of P-Coumaric Acid from Chloroform E | 98134

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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Detection and Isolation of P-Coumaric Acid from Chloroform Extract of Iraqi, Cicer arietinum as well as Characterization Using Various Techniques (HPTLC, TLC, Preparative TLC, UV, IR)

Author(s): Rawnaq Jamal Madhloom* and Mohammed Kamil Hadi


In all stages of the drug discovery and development process, analysis of pharmaceutical and natural chemicals, as well as newer pharmaceuticals, is routinely used. The entire potential of thin layer chromatography is exploited by high performance thin layer chromatography, a complex instrumental technique. It is a powerful analytical tool for chromatographic information of complex mixtures of pharmaceuticals, natural products, clinical samples and food items. These features include automation, scanning, full optimization, selective detection principle, minimal sample preparation, hyphenation and other substances.

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