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Determination of Expressiveness of the Compensation Sagittal Curve in People with Various Types of Structure of Jaws

Author(s): Olga P Ivanova*, Maria V Vologina, Viktor I Shemonaev, Sergey V Chernenko and Victoria V Bavlakova


This article is devoted to the problem of determining the severity of the sagittal curvature in people with dolichognatic, mesognathic and brachygnathic structure of the jaws. Determination of sagittal curve is an important element of diagnosis and treatment planning in orthodontic and orthopedic dental clinics. It is given by measuring the distance between the occlusal surface of the teeth and the aesthetic plane in people with different types of jaw structure. As a result of the study it was revealed that each stoma type has a different degree of the severity of sagittal curvature. For a dolichognathic structure of jaws the sagittal curve has the highest degree, for people with a mesognathic structure of jaws-average degree, for people with brachygnathic type of a structure of jaws the sagittal curve has the smallest degree of expressiveness in difference from previous. In the present study, it is aimed to investigate the severity of the sagittal curve in people with dolichognathic, mesognathic, and brachygnatic types of jaw structure based on the survey conducted among 80 people.

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