Determination of titanium in orthodontic with modified graph | 1572

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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Determination of titanium in orthodontic with modified graphene paste electrode and ionic liquid by potentiometric method

Author(s): Sara Sahebnasagh, Mahmoud Ebrahimi, Mohammad Reza Bozorgmehr, Mohammad Reza Abedi


Two new potentiometric methods for determination of titanium in pure form and in its pharmaceutical form are developed. In the first method, new modified carbon paste electrode based on(SAPD) as a chemical modifier. The construction of carbon paste electrodetitanium ion-selective electrode and its use in the potentiometric determination of titanium in pharmaceutical preparations and orthodontic cages is described. The electrode displays a linear log [Ti3+] versus EMF response over a wide concentration range of 4.1×10−7 to 1.2×10−3 with nernstian slope of 19.1±0.1 mV/decade with limit of detection 1.1×10−7 over the pH range 3.8–7.8; a response time of <10 s; and use for at least 3 months without any significant potential divergence the presence of the complex Ti(OH)2+ ion explains the slope of the response curve. The proposed sensor shows reasonable discrimination ability. The modified electrode was applied as indicator electrode to determine Ti(III) in aqueous samples with satisfactory results.


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