Development and Assessment of a New Bioactive Glass Fiber Post Part I: Flexural Strength and Fatigue Resistance | Abstract

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Development and Assessment of a New Bioactive Glass Fiber Post Part I: Flexural Strength and Fatigue Resistance

Author(s): Akram Altamimi M* and Manhal Majeed A


Objectives: This study was designed to develop and assess the mechanical properties of an experimental bioactive glass fiber post by the reinforcement of bioactive cement.

Study Design: An in vitro study.

Material and Methods: surface treated unidirectional E-glass fiber were impregnated and implanted with a triple cure, self-adhesive ACTIVA Bioactive resin cement to fabricate an experimental bioactive glass fiber post using hand lay-up molding technique and clear cylindrical split mold with a 2mm diameter. Each specimen ensures 3min for self-cure setting, then light-cured for the 40s. The cylindrical shape post specimens (n=8) were prepared at room temperature for one day before subjected to fatigue test, A custom made three-point bending machine, loading at 90° angle and a frequency of 2 Hz was utilized for fatigue test. The machine was set for two million cycles or until failure of the fiber post. The results were compared with the EXACTO post.

Statistical analysis used: Statistical analysis performed by independent variable t-test performed by using IBM-SPSS program version 22.

Results: Statistically increased flexural strength was recorded of experimental material compared to the virgin Active Bioactive. The flexural fatigue test revealed statistically significant differences between the two posts. The experimental post performed better than EXACTO post.

Conclusions: Reinforcement of the bioactive cement comprises rubberized ionic resin was enhanced flexural strength with a promising modulus of elasticity and exhibited a higher fatigue resistance, suggesting its possibility as new bioactive post material.

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