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Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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Development and Assessment of Taste-masked Paracetamol Chewable Tablets

Author(s): Lalit Prakash*, Vikas Kumar, Davinder Singh, Sangeeta


Patients often want to prevent medication use due to the extreme bitter taste of medicine. Medicated chocolates were made in order to resolve the disadvantages. Chocolate, consisting of fats such as cocoa butter and ? pulverized sugar to bake solid bakery products, is particularly a cocoa product. Chocolate bases blended with medications are medicated chocolates. The base of chocolate is an arid medium that resists growth microbe, making it favorable for medicinal reasons. Chocolate drug delivery systems are the use of medicated chocolate for drug transportation. The objective of this study is to develop paracetamol formulations using the delivery system for chocolate drugs. In the paper, the nature, drug content and in vitro drug release activity was developed and tested for three separate drug formulations. The effect of the in vitro analysis of the formulations was that took 15 minutes more to release the drug relative to two other formulations. It was reported that there is no interaction between medical formulations and ingredients used for preparing chocolate.

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