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Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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Diagnosis, Prevention and Treatment of COVID-19 Disease

Author(s): Sandeep Kumar C


Coronavirus diseases called as COVID-19, an infective disease cause due to novel discovered coronaviruses. Coronavirus (CoV) are broad family of the envelop, zoonotic, single-strand RNAs virus. Four CoV circulated oftenly between human: HKU1, HCoV2-229E, -NL63 and -OC43. Much of the people are infected by COVID-19 virus that suffer mildly to moderately respiratory diseases and recovered without sp?ll treatment that is being required. Older people and the health conditions like cardiovascular disease, chronic respiratory diseases, diabetes and the cancer are mostly experienced serious illness. This coronavirus disease have reported the causes for the respiratory diseases by the outbreak starting in the December 2019 in the Hubei Province, Wuhan, Chi. The outbreak spreaded to the 19 countries along with 11,791 on?rm cases, that includes 213 death till 31st January 2020. This declared publically health emergency to the international sn?n from World’s Health Organizations (WHO). The present study focuses on diagnosing, prevention and control to coronavirus infections among people

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