Different Obturating Technique Used in Primary Teeth: A Review | Abstract

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Different Obturating Technique Used in Primary Teeth: A Review

Author(s): Pankaj Chavhan, Arun Sajjanar, Grishmi Niswade* and Suryakant Kumar


Primary teeth maintain the arch length and form by maintaining proper guidance for permanent teeth. Pulpectomy is the one of the treatment option available to preserve the tooth and thus helps in maintaining normal space maintainers. Other objectives of preserving primary teeth are to enhance esthetics and mastication, prevent aberrant tongue habits, aid in speech, and prevent the psychological effects associated with tooth loss. Obturation with hermatic seal is the key for long term success of pulpectomy. Obturation technique that fulfill criteria’s for perfect obturation should be given emphasis. However different obturation techniques give different outcomes. Hence the purpose of this article is to throw light on different obturation technique with their comparison with each other.

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