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Different Orthodontic Adhesive Systems and Enamel Demineralization Around Metal Brackets Assessed by a Laser Fluorescence Device (A Comparative an in-vitro study)

Author(s): Ahmed Dhiaa Hatf* and Mustafa M AL-Khatieeb


regarding the enamel demineralization using a laser fluorescence device (DIAGNOdent™ pen).

Materials and methods: Eighty human upper premolar teeth were randomly divided into two groups (40 teeth each); the first group in which the bonded teeth were stored in distilled water for 30 days at 37°C, and the second group in which the bonded teeth were subjected to acid challenge. Each group was subdivided in four subgroups (10 teeth each) according to the type of adhesive system that would be bonded to metal brackets either non-fluoride releasing adhesive (NFRA), fluoride releasing adhesive (FRA), Fluoride releasing bond with self-etching primer (FRBSP), or powder and liquid orthodontic fluoride releasing adhesive (PLFRA). After 30 days, the evaluation of enamel demineralization was performed by laser fluorescence device (DIAGNOdent™ Pen).

Result: There were highly significant differences in the means of fluorescence variation values (ΔFV) among all the four tested adhesive systems in water storage and acid challenge groups using ANOVA F-test. In both groups, the NFRA subgroup exhibited a highest fluorescence variation value, followed by FRASP subgroup, then FRA subgroup, while the PLFRA subgroup had a lowest value of fluorescence variation, indicating less enamel demineralization around the bracket. The independent t-test showed highly significant differences in enamel demineralization between water storage and acid challenge groups.

Conclusion: The PLFRA showed the least enamel demineralization around the bracket compared with other adhesive systems. So, it should be advocated for any orthodontic patient with high caries risk or diminished salivary pH in order to reduce or remineralize the enamel demineralization around the bracket.

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