Digital Occlusal Analyser T-Scan: A Review | Abstract

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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Digital Occlusal Analyser T-Scan: A Review

Author(s): Jaykumar R Gade, Megha J Agrawal*, Sayali G Dandekar, Minal N Soni, Karan V Jaiswal and Anil Ingole


Occlusion is a very important topic for various field s of dentistry. Various methods have been used for assessing the pattern of occlusion. Articulating paper is the most common method for evaluating the correct occlusion. T-scan is the digital occlusal analysis system use to assess and evaluate the occlusal contact in real time and the force of occlusion. The search strategy of this article includes the use of key concepts such as occlusal indicators, T-scan system, digital occlusal indicator, and sensor. The literature is search using these keywords and the articles were selected. Selected articles were organized, and subtopics were evaluated and confirmed. The aim of this article is to provide a detail review of T-scan system which includes assembly, sensor, calibration, mechanism, data interpretation, application, benefits, limitation, and discussion.

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