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Disease Severity and Pathophysiology of COVID-19 in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patients

Author(s): Rishab Singh Deo, Abhishek Joshi*, K Himabindu Reddy and Ashok Mehendale


The world is facing COVID 19 pandemic which has created a chaos among the mankind. It has created a huge burden in the health care facilities. COVID 19 disease is caused by emerging mutants of Severe acute respiratory syndrome corona virus 2(SARS CoV-2). The virus is highly contagious and infects through the respiratory route. It invades the respiratory tract mainly the lungs causing pneumonia. Patient usually presents with fever, nonproductive cough, breathlessness, myalgia and fatigue. Severe cases can rapidly progress to acute respiratory distress syndrome and multi organ failure, death may occur due to complication. Furthermore early identification and diagnosis of high risk cases like hypertension and diabetes and prevention of the serious complication in them help in decreasing the burden on the intensive healthcare facilities. As we know the doctor to patient ratio in a developing country like India is very low, thus it becomes very important for the doctor to know the impending risk in his/her patients. So we have made an effort to understand the pathophysiology involved, the treatment protocols followed in patient of type 2 diabetes mellitus with COVID 19 infection. Regular monitoring of the blood sugar levels during the hospital stay becomes important to detect the red flags of complication. Assessment of the severity of the disease and prognosis in type 2 diabetes mellitus patient and non-diabetics has been contrasted. This might help provide better intensive care management for all the patients at early stage and decrease the morbidity and mortality in the COVID 19 patients. We have tried to unfold the relationship between two hyper inflammatory diseases that is type 2 diabetes mellitus which is chronic inflammatory condition and SARS CoV 2 which causes acute inflammation. It should be noted that both the diseases have tendency to cause multi organ dysfunction and failure.

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