Dysosmia and Dysgeusia in COVID-19 Patients | 91298

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Dysosmia and Dysgeusia in COVID-19 Patients

Author(s): Trishla Jain, Pramita Muntode Gharde, Aditya Dhonde and Ashok M. Mehendale*


Background: Coronavirus disease 2019 or COVID-19 is the evolving disease that has grappled the whole world. Clinical manifestation of COVID-19 is still under lens as novel coronavirus is constantly evolving. Mutations are one of the key features of the viruses which happen at times. Changing clinical; manifestation of COVID-19 creates a new challenge as no one solution can be applied among infected individuals. The viral behavior is constantly changing and one must be vigilant about it. Dysosmia and dysgeusia are impairment in taste and smelling sensation. These can occur due to chemotherapy, drug abuse and so on. But it has been now associated with onset of COVID-19. Lot of patients of COVID-19 is complaining about these conditions. These conditions can coexist with the disease and can persist, post recovery too. Objective: Generally, both of these conditions are not life threatening and fade away after the recovery from the disease. Psychological impact of these conditions has been registered among certain patients as these are the sensory impairments which are part and parcel of daily life. This review pinpoints the motive of further exploring them. Methods: Original papers, reviews, preprints, and letters to editors relating to our topic were reviewed using MeSH terms in PubMed, Google Scholar electronic databases. Conclusion: Dysosmia and dysgeusia can be used as indicator for the onset of the COVID-19. The hypothesis of extreme exposure to disinfecting chemicals must be examined further to bring and solid correlation. Professional help is needed post recovery from COVID-19 to regain the balance in life.

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