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Effect of COVID-19 in Cancer Patients

Author(s): Adarsh Singharoy and Komal Muneshwar*


The evidential studies would indicate that there are a large number of people with cancer or cancer survivors who would have an on-going COVID infection or may have got a COVID infection sometime in their lives. The analytical study done with all stages and types of neoplasm with data collected in the span of one year. All variables of interest were extracted from electronic medical records. The situation may exacerbate the economic difficulties that already exist among cancer survivors, who may be suffering from both cancer related financial toxicity and economic pressures brought on by lost income and extended unemployment after the epidemic. Living in areas with scarce resources, like Southeast Asia, cancer survivors are likely to feel the effects of the pandemic more acutely. Patients may present with exacerbated diseases and at later stages of cancer, when treatment options tend to be more limited, as a result of delays and disruptions in timely access to cancer care. Patient having cancer lung are a susceptible, according to accumulating research. Latin America has little information on how the pandemic has affected medical care. Studies have been conducted to know the purpose of a robust healthcare facility for thoracic cancer, thyroid cancer patients with COVID-19 and the available resources to use. Middle age for the entire cohort (n=548) was 61.512.9 years. 23.9% of patients reported any modification in their course of treatment, of which 78.6% were brought on by the SARS-CoV-2. People having carcinomas patient populations most susceptible to the consequences of the Corona infection during the COVID-19 pandemic. The typical pneumonia is caused by an extracellular organism and alveolar exudates are present in air spaces. It is neutrophil in nature. It causes high grade fever and productive cough and pleurisy chest pain. X rays show large areas of consolidation.

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