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Effect of Matricaria chamomilla Extract on Experimentally Induced Cutaneous Wound Healing in Rats

Author(s): Nabaa Amer Nafea* and Ban A Ghani


Background: Wound healing is a complex and dynamic process of replacing devitalized and missing cellular structures and tissue layers. It is the interaction of a complex cascade of cellular events that generates resurfacing, reconstitution and restoration of the injured skin. There is increasing interest to use the medicinal plants in wound healing because of lower side effects and management of wounds over the years. Chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla L.) is a well-known medicinal plant species from the Asteraceae family and a commonly used natural remedy thought to be beneficial as a sedative, spasmolytic and anti-inflammatory agent.

Materials and methods: Thirty male albino rats (Rattus norvegicus albinus) of about 250-400 gm, were used in this study. Two circular full thickness wounds were made on the dorsum region of each animal with a sterile biopsy punch (5 mm diameter). Local Matricaria chamomilla essential oil application was done on wounds of the left side as experimental group, whereas the right side was left to heal spontaneously as control. The healing process was followed for the periods (3, 5 and 7 days) and specimens were prepared for histological analysis.

Results: Histological examination showed mean values of wound contraction decreased with time as lowest values were at day 7, highest mean values of inflammatory cell count was recorded in control groups at days 3 and 5, while epithelial thickness showed increased values with time in all groups.

Conclusion: The study revealed that local application of chamomile Matricaria chamomilla was effective in promoting wound healing process.

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