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Effect of IASTM Combined Thrower's Ten Exercise Protocol on Snapping Scapula Syndrome in Badminton Player: A Case Report

Author(s): Prasannajeet Nikam*


Objectives: The primary objective was to see whether the utilization of advanced therapeutic tool like IASTM along with athletic rehab alternative like Thrower’s Ten protocol would have any effect on the pain scores, pain tolerance, AROM and quality of life (QOL) in Snapping Scapula Syndrome.

Materials & Methods: A 25 year old female badminton player presented with chief complaint of pain at the medial border of right scapula accompanied by a “popping” or “snapping” sound, while attempting flexion and abduction of the right glenohumeral joint since 4-5 months. AROM of flexion and abduction was 100º and 50º respectively, which was severely compromised since the onset of the symptoms. The pre-intervention values for various outcome measures like pain score, pain pressure threshold, AROM and Quality of Life (QOL) were taken prior to the commencement of a 6-weeks IASTM and Thrower’s Ten exercise protocol. Post intervention data for the same outcome measures were recorded.

Result: There was a significant reduction in VAS score, increased pain pressure threshold, improved AROM scores and better QOL score post intervention. Conclusion: IASTM combined with Thrower’s Ten exercise protocol led to a significant reduction in pain intensity, increased pain tolerance, improved AROM as well as better Quality of Life scores in Snapping Scapula Syndrome. Thus, it is strongly recommended to utilize the above combination of myo-fascial release & exercises for strengthening the various muscles in Snapping Scapula Syndrome Patients.

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