Effect of Logbook-Based Training as a Modern Educating Method on Clinical Competence of the Nursing Students | Abstract

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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Effect of Logbook-Based Training as a Modern Educating Method on Clinical Competence of the Nursing Students

Author(s): Solmaz Mansour bavani, Khatereh Almasi, Yousef Mohammadpour


Clinical training is one of the most important parts of nursing education. Success in this path requires effective measures to create necessary skills in the trainees in addition to considering the latest science and modern needs of the patients. The aim of this study is to investigate the effect of log-book based training on clinical mastery of the nursing students. In this semi-empirical before-after test study, 28 nursing students were sampled by census and randomly classified into two groups of test and control. Each group included 6-7 people. After pretesting of the cognitive skills of the students, control group and test students were trained by traditional and logbook-based method for 12 days, respectively. Finally, their cognitive skills were examined by post-testing of the behavioral skills and checklists. The data were then analyzed by SPSS software through implementation of Wilcoxon and U Mann-Whitney tests and Pearson correlation coefficient. Results have shown that logbook-based training can be effective in enhancing the students’ knowledge and skills. Mean performance score showed significant differences before and after the logbook-based training. Comparing the clinical competency of the nursing students before and after conventional and logbook-based training also shows significant difference as well. Logbook-based training will provide a high level of learning and it seems that the mentioned structure can provide maximum opportunities for learning and professional development.

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