Effect of Matrix Rhythm Therapy (MaRhyTheandcopy;) in Trismu | 55421

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Effect of Matrix Rhythm Therapy (MaRhyThe©) in Trismus: A Case Series

Author(s): Varun Naik*


Trismus is a typical condition, which occurs after extraction of a tooth, injury, dental or oral diseases, after offering infusions to gums, T.M.J dysfunction, and so on. Trismus prompts a few troubles to the patients, like difficulty in the opening mouth while eating food, talking, yawning. The patient complains of pain and difficulty in the opening jaw. Matrix Rhythm Therapy (MaRhyThe©) is a recent advancement in treating pain and restricted mobility in joints. The current study is of 3 patients with Trismus effectively treated pain and restricted mobility with MaRhyThe©.

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