Effect of prolonged use of mask in covid 19 | Abstract

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Effect of prolonged use of mask in covid 19

Author(s): Prutha Bhagat, Swarupa Chakole*


SARS-CoV-2 is a unique COVID virus that first appeared in December 2019 in Wuhan, China. Multiple and several number of patients was detected from all over the globe including in the United States in a short length of time, prompting the WHO to pronounce it a solemn communicable viral disease pandemic outbreak on 30/1/2020.

On January 27, 2020, the very first case of Coronavirus infection had been revealed in Kerala, India. Young 20 year old lady walked into the Trissur general hospital's emergency department.

Coronavirus is mostly disseminated by respiratory aerosols. It is commonly transmitted amongst presymptomatic, patients with very less symptoms and symptom less people. Limiting infected patient connections by physical separation as well as other precautions, along with lowering the transmission’s possibility per interaction, are two ways to reduce infection spread. Across both screening and diagnostic arrangements, according to the mountains of proves of studies, wearing a mask diminishes risk of transmission per interaction by lowering conveyance of contaminated airborne aerosols.

As an efficacious method to combat Coronavirus infections, the Germans have made it obligatory to wear breathing masks that enclose the nose and mouth. This mandate has been extended to retail malls and public transit in numerous nations. Utilizing face mask will successfully halt aerosol illnesses in the population, according to epidemiological experts. Instead of merely masking sensitive people, such as healthcare personnel, with an emphasis on individual outcomes, contagious individuals should wear a mask that benefits the entire society.

Whenever adherence is strong, social wearing of mask is most efficient in preventing virus distribution, in addition to current sanitation, isolation and interaction tracking measures. Cheap cotton masks offer a practical alternative for public use. Several health organisations agree with this.

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