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Effect of Resin Infiltrate Modified with Bioactive Glass on Hardness and Color Stability of White Spot Lesions

Author(s): Reem Ashraf*


Introduction: Resin infiltration is now used in treatment of white spot lesion, the incorporation of bioactive particles in such procedure would favour remineralisation of the defect increasing the surface hardness that might be considered a breakthrough the minimally invasive treatment.
To evaluate the effect of adding nano bioactive glass as a Re-mineralizing agent to ICON resin infiltrate on enamel micro hardness and color change without compromising depth of penetration.
Materials and methods:
20 sound human upper anterior teeth extracted due to grade III mobility were decapitated from their roots, all aspects of the crown were coated with varnish, leaving a 4 mm × 4 mm window and left in demineralizing solution to create demineralized lesions. Afterwards half of ICON resin infiltrate was mixed with 10% of nano bioactive glass dissolved in ethanol, teeth were then divided into two group. Group I: Treated with ICON containing 10% Nanobioactive glass. Group II: Treated with ICON only, the two groups were examined before and after treatments for hardness and color stability after staining.
Results and discussion:
There was no significant change in hardness of enamel surface between the two groups and the bioactive glass was able to penetrate through the enamel surface, color stability as well was not compromised by addition of bioactive glass.
Addition of nano bioactive glass to resin infiltrate would not compromise hardening effect of resin or penetration of the lesion or color change.

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