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Effect of Structured Spinal Exercises as an Adjunct to Knee Specific Exercises in Bilateral Knee Osteoarthritis Patients

Author(s): Neha Anandrao Jadhav and Suraj Bhimrao Kanase*


Introduction: Osteoarthritis is a condition which causes the joint inflammation that results from cartilage degeneration. There are two types of osteoarthritis one primary OA and second secondary OA. The conventional treatment TENS, Ultrasound, IFT, along with knee specific exercises in one group. And the second group focused on the spinal exercises with all these conventional approach. The purpose of the study was to see the effect of spinal exercises effect on knee OA symptoms and functional ability .The significant difference was found in the pain, range of motion and the timed -up-go test.

Material and methods: Total 30 participants were selected. Groups of two were done one experimental given the spinal exercise and conventional treatment second controlled group given the knee exercises and conventional management. The pain, ROM and TUGT were analysed pre and post treatment.

Results: According to statistical analysis, the study showed a significant difference in the pain intensity, ROM of knee and TUGT pre and post intervention. The study documented difference in the pain intensity post-intervention (0.0004)at rest and (0.0002) on activity and range of motion of right knee (<0.0001) and of left knee (<0.0001), timed up go test (0.0110) considered significant.

Conclusion: The conducted study shows that there was significant difference in values of pain, ROM of knee and timed up go test in experimental group compared to controlled group. So the spinal exercises has proven beneficial in knee osteoarthritis.

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