Effectiveness of Biodentine in Combination with Diode Laser in Treatment of Dentine Hypersensitivity | Abstract

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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Effectiveness of Biodentine in Combination with Diode Laser in Treatment of Dentine Hypersensitivity

Author(s): Ibtehal Atia Habeeb*, Maha SH Mahmood


Background: Dentine hypersensitivity is a relatively common problem experienced in clinical dental practice. Aim: To evaluate the efficacy of diode laser alone in comparison with Biodentine +diode laser in the management of dentinal hypersensitivity. Material and methods: A total of 20 patients (90 teeth) with a clinical diagnosis of dentin hypersensitivity were included in this clinical trial. Dentin sensitivity was assessed in response to an air blast stimulus using Schiff cold air sensitivity scale before treatment, 15 min, 2 weeks, and 1 month after the first application. The teeth were randomly divided into two groups. In the first group was treated with diode laser (45 teeth), the second one was treated with Biodentine combination with diode laser (45 teeth). Results: Subjects had treated with Biodentine irradiated with diode laser showed statistically lower (p < 0.05) dentine hypersensitivity compared with the control group (diode laser) immediately after treatment and in follow up. The test group demonstrated a significant reduction in dentine hypersensitivity after 30 min of treatment 2 weeks and one month after the treatment comparing to baseline (0.51 versus 0.80, P= 0.00, 0.18 versus 0.73 P= 0.00 and 0.18 versus 0.71 P=0.00 respectively). Conclusion: The study concluded that both treatment modalities caused significant reduction of dentine hypersensitivity. The combined use of Biodentine and diode laser (976 nm) is the more effective than that of the diode laser (976 nm) alone monitoring dentine hypersensitivity by Schiff scale.

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