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Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Module (STM) on Knowledge Regarding Home Care of Intellectual Disability Children among Primary Caregivers in a Special Schools at Tirunelveli District

Author(s): Jeba T* and Cheranmahadevi AR


Introduction: Intellectual disability is a fairly disabling and chronic, lifelong condition with no real cure possible. It occurs before age 18 years, experiences significant limitations in two main areas; intellectual functioning and adaptive behavior. Basic functions of primary caregivers are to meet the physical and health needs of their intellectual disability child. When primary caregivers gain information about the condition of the child, they become more able to understand of how to deal with the child and it will be easy for them to take care of the disabled children at home. Materials and methods: A true experimental research design of pre and posttest with control group was adopted for the present study. Simple random sampling technique was used to allocate the groups as experimental and control group (N=60+60=120). Researcher developed the tool and structured teaching module. Validity and reliability was found valid (cvr=1) and reliable (r=0.9). After the pretest structured teaching module was administered to the experimental group whereas control group does not receive any intervention. After a month interval posttest were conducted using the same questionnaire as per schedule. Results: Descriptive and inferential statistics were computed. In the experimental group knowledge scores had consequently improved. ANOVA and Bonferroni were computed since it was repeated measures. The mean score of knowledge in experimental group was statistically significant (p<0.05) whereas in control group knowledge scores was not found in significant. Conclusions: Considering the results, structured teaching module is effective in creating awareness of primary caregivers of intellectual disability children.

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