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Effects of Common Medications on Orthodontic Tooth Movement: A Systematic Literature Review

Author(s): Eman Ibrahim Al Shayea*


Orthodontic treatment is founded on the premise that the application of force on a tooth transmits cellular, chemical, and mechanical occurrences to the tissues nearby. Such coordinated tissue resorption and formation in the surrounding bone and periodontal ligament lead to the movement of the tooth. The impacts of the mechanical forces are usually synergistic, additive, or inhibitory. Accordingly, this study aims at discussing the effects of common medications on the orthodontic tooth movement since the key to any orthodontic treatment is a good medical control. Utilizing electronic databases, a systematic literature review of the topic is performed. The databases used for the electronic searches included Cochrane database, Cinahl, Web of Science, Scopus, PubMed, Science Direct, Trip, Scielo, Lilacs, and Medline. The systematic literature review comprises of five phases that include formulating the study questions, searching for the relevant literature, selecting the literature, briefing the research outcomes, and reporting the findings. A total of 614 relevant peer-reviewed articles were identified. Out of this sample, only 72 articles met the inclusion criteria, and were selected for the review. In conclusion, it is imperative that the orthodontists pay attention to the drug consumption history of every patient, before and during the orthodontic treatment.

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