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Effects of Ozonated Water on Micro Leakage between Enamel and Fissure Sealants Prepared by Different Etching Technique (An in vitro Study)

Author(s): Baraa M Jabar* and Muna S Khalaf


Aims: the aims of this (in vitro study) were to investigate the effect of Ozonated Water pre-treatment on the micro leakage of fissure sealants prepared by different surface etching modalities.

Material and Methods: According to the pre-treatment approach, 80 standardized premolar teeth were separated into five groups (n=16). Group 1: Universal Bond Quick (self-etching)+ozone application+Fissure Sealant (FS). Group 2: Universal Bond (self-etching)+FS (without ozone). Group 3: Universal Bond (etch-and-rinse)+ozone application+FS, Group 4: Universal Bond (etch-and-rinse)+FS (without ozone), Group 5: phosphoric acid etching+FS (control).

All teeth's fissures were sealed with fissure sealant material after surface pre-treatments. The samples were then subjected to thermos cycling (1 minute of 500 cycles of 5°C/55°C for each sample). All surfaces of the teeth were covered twice with nail polish up leaving 1 mm away from the fissure sealant. For 24 hours, all of the teeth were soaked in a 3 percent methylene blue dye. The teeth were sectioned into three parts Bucco-lingually by SAW to investigate micro leakage. A stereomicroscope was used to photograph the item. The extent of dye penetration was measured in millimetres using image J software.

Results: The findings showed that micro leakage was lower in group with using Ozone pre-treatment than when not using Ozone pre-treatment either in self or in total etching groups with significant difference in each group.

Conclusions: Ozone pre-treatment positively affected the fissure sealants marginal integrity.

Keywords: Ozone, Fissure sealant, Micro leakage, Universal bond

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