Efficacy and Safety of Systemic Corticosteroids among COVID-19 Patients | Abstract

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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Efficacy and Safety of Systemic Corticosteroids among COVID-19 Patients

Author(s): Isha Nirgun* and Swarupa chakole


For the sufferers of severe COVID-19, the advantages and risks of corticosteroids are unknown. The use of corticosteroids in corona virus illness patients has very little concrete evidence. As a result, conclusions about advantages and drawbacks must be made using indirect data from linked conditions. We looked into different studies showing the effects of Corticosteroids in patients with different severity groups like mild moderate and severe. Although a few studies have looked into the use of Steroids in the management of Coronavirus disease, they also included data from the SARS Coronavirus and MERS Coronavirus strains. Again, the majority of these trials only looked upon severe illness and only in terms of death rates. Corticosteroids have a role in cessation of inflammatory cascade due to which these are effective in respiratory disorders. Different studies and databases were looked to find out the effectiveness of Steroids in COVID sufferers.

Treatment with dexamethasone significantly reduced mortality in the Coronavirus patients who are on respiratory support (single study). Steroid administration was associated with a lower risk of death, a lower need for respiratory support, a lower need for ICU admission, a lower length of stay in the ICU (single study), and a lower duration of respiratory support in the serious and critically ill patients (two studies). Steroid therapy was linked to a longer length of hospital care” in the mild moderate population, but no differences were seen in other areas. Steroid treatment was related with "lower mechanical breathing requirements" in individuals at risk of developing "acute respiratory distress syndrome" (single study). This study recommends steroid treatment for corona virus sufferers who have different severity levels. Steroid medication may be advantageous in terms of lowering mortality in mechanically ventilated patients. Steroid medication was linked to lower mortality, less need for mechanical ventilation, and less time in the ICU among "serious and critical" patients.

In the "mild moderate" demographic, however, there was no advantage. To summarise, usage of steroids may be beneficial in individuals with coronavirus when correctly chosen patient groups (based on clinical severity and biomarker status).

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