Efficacy of Buffered Local Anaesthetics in Dental Practice: | 59306

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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Efficacy of Buffered Local Anaesthetics in Dental Practice: A Review

Author(s): Kadambari Sriram and Santhosh Kumar MP*


Local pain management is a critical aspect of patient care in most dental procedures. Pain management is also of paramount importance to enable patient comfort which in turn results in patient compliance and satisfaction with the ongoing dental therapy. This overview of adjunctive equipment available today provides the practitioner an array of options to effectively manage the pain associated with dental procedures. The aim of this review is to study the role and advancements in buffered local anesthetics in Dental practice and its benefits. Buffered local anesthetics were found to be effective in local pain management. Further highquality studies assessing the efficacy and cost-efficiency of various modes of administration are required to confirm the utility of buffered anesthetic techniques for intraoral anaesthesia.

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