Efficacy of Granisetron on Recovery and Mortality and Morbid | 1668

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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Efficacy of Granisetron on Recovery and Mortality and Morbidity Rate in Acute Pancreatitis

Author(s): Mansooreh Vahedi, Yasaman Shariati and Mahmood Amini


Different treatments for control of symptoms, decrease hospitalization time and costs and reduction of complication and mortality rate of acute pancreatitis are designed and evaluated. Efficacy of serotonin antagonist confirmed in experimental studies. This study designed to evaluate the effect of Granisetron on morbidity and mortality rate of acute pancreatitis. In a single-blind clinical trial, 40 patients were divided randomly in two groups. Patients in control group received routine treatment for acute pancreatitis include food intake restriction, fluid and electrolyte management, prophylactic antibiotic and stomach decompression with gastric tube. In treatment group, Granisetron (1mg; 12h IV; 2 day) prescribed in addition to routine treatment. Ranson criteria at the time of admission and 48h after hospitalization, Apachi 2, severity of symptoms, severity of disease in CT-scan, hospitalization time and morbidity and mortality rate were compare in between groups. The results indicated that, prescription of Granisetron in addition to routine treatment was not affect significantly on morbidity and mortality rate and severity of pancreatitis and additional research must be designed.


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