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Endodontic Periodontal Lesion Diagnosis and Treatment Decision Analysis

Author(s): Keerthika R and Nivedhitha MS*


The relationship between periodontal and endodontic disease has been a controversial aspect for more than a century. Differentiating between these periodontal and endodontic disease is very difficult due their developmental, embryonic, anatomic and functional similarities. Nature pain is often considered as the first clue which should be supported by the radiographic and clinical evaluation for the correct diagnosis of the condition. The aim of this review was to develop a decision tree for easier and accurate diagnosis of periodontal and endodontic disease. A brief pubmed search was performed on endodontic and periodontal lesion using “MESH” terms “endo-perio lesion”, “diagnosis of endo perio lesion”,” decision making of endo-perio lesion”. In addition some websites and local guidelines were screened. By following the correct and appropriate diagnostics methods ,accurate diagnosis of Endodontic -Periodontal disease can be done and the treatment for the particular condition could be achieved. With a decision tree, the diagnosis and pharmacological management of the pulpal and periapical diseases becomes easier for the dentist in regular clinical practice. A decision tree and a flow chart for daily practice which should be started up as soon as the patient presents with pain or swelling due to pulpal or periodontal periapical pathology. In this aspect active management of the infection can be done with sound knowledge on the endodontic periodontal lesions.

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