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Epidemiological and Clinical profile of patients with swine flu (Influenza A, H1N1) attending Guru Govindsingh Government Hospital, Jamnagar, India

Author(s): Gelotar Prakash


Background: Swine flu (Influenza A, H1N1 subtype) is an acute respiratory infectious disease. The 2009 pandemic of H1N1 influenza A rapidly spread globally, causing significant morbidity and mortality. It was first global pandemic since 1968.

Aims: The aim of the study is to summarize the clinical and epidemiological characteristics of cases of influenza A (H1N1) cases. Material and Methods: Total 315 throat/ nasopharyngeal/nasal swabs were collected from category C patients. All the samples were tested by Reverse Transcriptase-Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR).

Results: Most common symptoms identified in present study were cough (100%) followed by fever (96.46%), sore throat (80.53%), difficulties in breathing (72.56%) and nasal catarrh (39.82%).

Conclusion: Study highlights the identification of swine flu (Influenza A, H1N1 subtype) on clinical basis and emphasizes early initiation of antiviral treatment, immunisation and precautions.


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