Epidemiological Determinants of Age at Natural Menopause in Rural Women of Punjab | Abstract

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Epidemiological Determinants of Age at Natural Menopause in Rural Women of Punjab

Author(s): Priya Bansal, Anurag Chaudhary, R.K. Soni, Vikram Kumar Gupta


Background: Menopause is a reproductive milestone in a woman’s life but it also is a critical juncture when women not only experience biological changes but concurring social and psychological changes. Menopause has also been listed as a disease in ICD-10.

Objective: To study the epidemiological determinants of age at natural menopause in rural women of Punjab. Material and Methods: A total of 180 women aged 40-60 years were selected by proportionate sampling technique. Age, education, marital status, age at menarche, age at last pregnancy, weight and height were noted. The data was analyzed by using statistical software SPSS.

Result: Mean age at menopause was 45.9 (±3.5) years. Mean age at menopause of married women was 45.73 and that of widow was 47.5 years. There was positive non significant correlation between age at natural menopause and age at menarche (p=0.220). The association between age at natural menopause and women’s age at birth of their last child was not significant (p =0.430).

Conclusion: Age at menopause showed a trend of later ages with taller women. Age at menarche and age at last pregnancy had no effect on the age at menopause. Married women reported natural menopause approximately 2 years earlier than widow women.

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