Epidemiological Study of Lipodermatosclerosis | Abstract

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Epidemiological Study of Lipodermatosclerosis

Author(s): Padam Kumar M*


Lipodermatosclerosis refers to bound down, hard, sclerotic change in the skin of the lower legs due to chronic venous insufficiency leading to chronic inflammation and fibrosis. the duration of disease ranged from 4 months-40 years. 24 patients were involved of both lower limbs (48%) followed by 20 patients with left limb alone (40%) and 6 patients with right limb alone (12%). It was also observed that there was no significant marginal increase in percentage of the extent of limb involvement with increase in BMI. while comparing venous doppler findings with BMI, we found 8 patients with normal BMI (57.14%). venous doppler findings clinically correlates well with change in BMI. It was also noted that the biopsy site in all the 5 patients had delayed wound healing by 4-6 weeks despite primary sutural closure.

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