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Escherichia Coli Antimicrobial Resistance Profile Obtained from Productive Livestock

Author(s): Naresh Kumar, Manish Kumar, Arminder Kaur


The goal of this research was to find out how multidrug-resistant bacterial Escherichia coli was recovered from healthy young household pets in 3 States of Nigeria, comprising cattle, goats, poultry, and pigs. On Methyl Red Blue agar, Escherichia coli were identified and purified using standard microbiological techniques (EMB). Disc diffusion was used to screen the isolates against 15 antibiotics. Every isolate strains resistant to at least a few of the 42 medicines examined 86% of the 80 E. coli excludes tested positive for Ampicillin, 91% for cotrimaoxazole, and 91% for cephalothin; 78.6% for streptomycin, 63.6% for nitrofurantoin; 69.9% for ciprofloxacin; 57% for chloramphenicol; 57.5% for amoxicillin clavulanic acid; 59.9% for cefpirome; 48.6% for According to data techniques, the average number of susceptibility features per separation in goat and chickens was much larger than in livestock animals (P0.0001). According to the results, multidrug-resistant strains of E. coli might operate as storage for resistant strains that could be passed on to harmful bacteria, presenting a significant public health risk.

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