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Estimation of Cephalometric Norms of Steiner?s, Down?s Analysis for Vidarbha Population

Author(s): Savi Vora*, Pallavi Daigavane, Renuka Talla and Karthika Nambiar


Objective: The success of orthodontic treatment lies in prompt diagnosis and treatment planning. Cephalometrics is an integral part of morphological diagnostic procedure to evaluate growth and development of craniofacial region. The routine orthodontic procedures uses the caucasian norms. Indian diversity demands for the need of formulation of customized norms for the various ethnic diversity. Present study aims towards derivation of norms of Steiner’s and Down’s analysis for Vidarbha population.

Materials and methods: A total of 300 lateral cephalograms of patients residing in the Vidarbha region with class I skeletal and dental pattern were selected and evaluated.

Results: Significant variation in the values of Steiner’s and Down’s analysis were observed.

Conclusion: There is a need to develope customized norms for every ethenic group in this diverse country to justify the orthodontic treatment.

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