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Estimation of Stature from Odontometric Measurements

Author(s): Soorya Ganesh and Yuvaraj Babu K*


Estimation of stature is taken as a crucial parameter in medico-legal and forensic examinations. Determination of the stature of the person helps in the investigation of an individual in a mass disaster. Odontometric measurements were previously studied as an aid for gender determination. The aim of this study was estimation of the stature from maxillary and mandibular intercanine distance. This study was conducted among 30 females who were studying Ist year BDS in Saveetha Dental College of age group 18 to 20. The measurement of maxillary and mandibular intercanine distance was taken using the digital vernier caliper and also the height of each person was also measured using standard height measurement frame, from collected data linear regression equation was calculated for maxillary intercanine distance as, Y= -1.10 X + 162.20 + 5.38 cm, the correlation coefficient was found to be - 0.056, hence having no correlation and for mandibular intercanine distance, Y= 2.52X + 150.23 + 6.38 cm, the correlation coefficient was found to be 0.415, hence having moderate correlation. Where, Y is height in cm and X is mandibular intercanine distance in cm, from our study it is found that maxillary intercanine distance does not have any correlation with stature but the mandibular intercanine distance showed moderate correlation to the stature of the female subjects examined.

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