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Estimation of Stature Using Intermastoid Distance

Author(s): Nauma Hafeez, Radhika Arjunkumar and Abilasha R*


The mastoid process is a bony pyramidal projection from the posterior section of the temporal bone. The superior border of the mastoid process of the temporal bone articulates with the parietal bone. The posterior border articulates with the occipital bone, and the anterior border is merged with the descending portion of the squamous segment of the temporal bone. The aim of the study is to determine stature from the intermastoid distance. This study was conducted among 30 males and 30 females studying in Saveetha Dental College. The measurements of inter mastoid distance were measured using a spreading caliber instrument and the height of each person was also measured using standard height measurement frame. The measurements were noted for all the study participants and then it was tabulated, using a linear regression calculator appropriate formula was calculated. For males, Y=137.39+2.81X, the correlation coefficient was found to be 0.578, hence having moderate correlation. For females, Y=155.39+0.49X, the correlation coefficient was found to be 0.394, hence having moderate correlation. Where, Y is height in cm and X is inter mastoid distance in cm, The result shows when statistically comparing the data between males and females, the intermastoid distance was a moderately reliable measurement for stature estimation in both males than in females. From the present study it is found that inter mastoid distance have stature determining property.

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