Etching Technique Used for Composite Restoration in Class II Cavities | Abstract

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Etching Technique Used for Composite Restoration in Class II Cavities

Author(s): Inchara R and Adimulapu Hima Sandeep*


Background and Aim: Today, there are two types of adhesive bonding: etch-and-rinse adhesive bonding and self-etch adhesive bonding. Despite the fact that a separate phosphoric acid etchant is rinsed from the surface in etch-and-rinse systems, whereas self-etch adhesives use an acidic monomer contained in a separate primer or inside a single liquid component, both types of systems are total-etch. This study aims at finding the most common type of etching techniques used for composite restoration in class II cavities. It is a single centered retrospective study conducted in a private dental institution, in Chennai. The data was collected from the dental hospital management system. Ethical clearance for this study was obtained from the Institutional review board. Materials and method: The data included a varied population predominantly South Indian population. All the details of the patients from April 2020 to February 2021 were collected. Total of 335 patients, who had class II composite restoration, details were obtained. Results: It was observed that for composite restoration total etch technique was most commonly used which was about 81.98% compared to self-etch technique which was 18.02%. It was also observed that there was no significant relationship between age, gender and type of etching technique used. Conclusion: Within the study limits it is concluded that total etches technique was most commonly used compared to self-etch technique in class II composite and there was no significant difference between age, gender.

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