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Evaluating the Quality of Educational Services of Nursing Students of Dezful University of Medical Sciences in Southwest of Iran According to SERVQUAL Model

Author(s): Ahmad Moosavi, Abdolreza Gilavand* and Sakineh Gilavand


Introduction: Focus on the quality of educational services of the universities is one of the effective factors in their success and survival. Thus, the study examined the quality of educational services of nursing students at Dezful University of Medical Sciences in southwest of Iran according to SERVQUAL model.

Materials and Methods: The study was descriptive conducted in 2018 on 101 nursing students, of whom 39 (37.6%) were male and 62 (61.4%) were female. The data collection tool was SERVQUAL standard questionnaire. Data analysis was done in SPSS24 using descriptive statistics (mean and standard deviation) and inferential statistics (paired t-test, bivariate t-test, and one-way analysis of variance).

Results: The results showed a negative gap in all aspects of quality of educational services. Accountability (-1.60), empathy (-1.53), tangibility (-1.53), guarantee (-1.52) and reliability (-1.35) had the greatest gap, respectively. This gap states that educational services do not meet their expectations according to the students. In addition, there was no significant relationship between the demographic characteristics of students and the mean of educational services gap, but there was an inverse relationship between satisfaction with the field of study and the educational service gap.

Discussion and Conclusion: It is necessary for the university to allocate funds to the aspects with the greatest gap by planning and prioritizing. Additionally, as the gap in one aspect leads to quality reduction in other aspects, other aspects can also be improved by filling the gap in these aspects, according to the students.

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