Evaluation of a New Mouthwash an In Vitro Study | 89087

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Evaluation of a New Mouthwash an In Vitro Study

Author(s): Amer A Taqa, Leqaa H Qibi* and Arjwan M Shuker


Objectives: To analysis the benefit effect of coconut as natural mouthwash. Methods: This study depended on using of coconut as a main constituent in making a natural mouthwash solution. It examined some physical, chemical, biological and antibacterial properties of this mouthwash by surface tension test, pH measurement and antibacterial property of mouthwash as reduction of Streptococcus mutans count. Results: The results for 1% coconut mouthwash showed: surface tension (42.35 dyne/cm) and pH measurements (9.6), which was the highest results, while the antibacterial inhibition zone diameter for 1% coconut mouthwash was (13 mm) which the 2nd highest result. Conclusions: Coconut mouthwash plays an antibacterial effect with prevention demineralization of tooth enamel surface.

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