Evaluation of Anxiety, Stress and Depression among Students | 1821

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Evaluation of Anxiety, Stress and Depression among Students of Lorestan University of Medical Sciences, west of Iran, in 2016

Author(s): Anbari KH, Khodadadi B


Background and Objective: The University is one of the most important educational levels for students, which is associated with multiple psychological disorders. The purpose of this study was to investigate depression, anxiety and stress in students of Lorestan University of Medical Sciences in 2017. Material and Methods: In this analytical-cross sectional study, the statistical population of study included all students studying at Lorestan University of Medical Sciences in 2017. The required sample size was randomized in a multistage, proportional to the number of students in each field of study. In this research, a standard questionnaire called the Depression, Anxiety, Stress Scale 21 (DASS-21) was used for data collection. Data were analyzed using SPSS 11.5 and descriptive statistics and inferential statistics software such as evaluation of Chi-square test, correlation coefficient and one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA). Results: The findings of this study indicate that, the prevalence of different degrees of depression, anxiety and stress among students was 17.4%, 21.2%, 11.9%, respectively and also, the prevalence of depression and stress in female was higher than male and so, was not significantly difference between age, sex, marital status, housing status, field of study and stress, anxiety, depression. Conclusion: Education at university is associated with a decline in quality of life due to stress, anxiety and depression. A society that thinks to improve its health and future generations, should to plan to improve the mental health.


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