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Evaluation of Knowledge and Perspective of Endodontic Residents and General Dentist Towards the Endodontic Application of CBCT in Saudi Arabia

Author(s): Areen Aljuhani*, Smita Dutta and Ayman Mandorah


Objective: This study is aiming to evaluate the knowledge, skills, and the awareness of CBCT importance in endodontic treatment and diagnosis among the Endodontic residents and General Dentists in Saudi Arabia. Methodology: This is a cross-sectional survey carried out among Saudi General Dentists and Endodontic residents. The questionnaire was administered to 99 participants. This survey consists fourteen closed-ended questions formulated and validated by the Endodontics Committee in Qassim University. Results: On analyzing the response to the questionnaire it was found that 39 General Dentist chose limited FOV and 11 for full FOV, while all Endodontic residents chose limited FOV. About 10 participants rate the accuracy and specificity of CBCT verses digital radiography as equally accurate and specific, and 80 rate as thrice accurate and specific. Around 81 participants think that the true size, location be appreciated with CBCT, 5 participants thinks no, while 13 participants says I don’t know. Conclusion: This study reveals that information and applicability of CBCT in varied clinical dental specifications is furnished by few dental colleges. However, to churn the maximum benefit of the CBCT, its uses, advantages, contraindications, and interpretation. More efforts and ideas need to be incorporated in teaching curriculum that fall well within the limits of the institute.

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