Evaluation of Quality of Life in Patients with and without Hypertension in Amir Al-Momenin Hospital, Zabol | Abstract

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Evaluation of Quality of Life in Patients with and without Hypertension in Amir Al-Momenin Hospital, Zabol

Author(s): Soheylla Mir, Hamid Reza Sheikhi, Hadis Mastalizadeh, Leila Salari


Hypertension is one of the most prevalent and most important health threats and is probably one of the most important health problems and a common asymptomatic disease, which causes irreparable complications, especially in the elderly. Therefore, the present study was conducted to evaluate the quality of life in patients with and without hypertension in Amiral-momenin Hospital in Zabol. This is a causal-comparative study. The statistical population of this study included people with high blood pressure, who, after referral to the office or referral to the emergency department, were transferred to the intensive care unit of the heart and the heart department. They were selected by random sampling by referring to these sections on a daily basis in a sample of 30 individuals. First, the list of names of all those who identify a cardiologist (cardiologist), who has high blood pressure and hospitalized in the above sections, was prepared, and then from this list, the number was selected randomly, with it They were interviewed and after explaining the research goals and satisfying them, those who had the criteria for entering the research were selected and invited to participate in the research. The sample size in this research is 120. At the beginning of the completion of the questionnaire, the research objectives were described for the study group. The measurement tool in the present study is the World Health Organization's Quality of Life questionnaire. 60 high-pressure hypertensive patients (30 women and 30 men) were asked to complete questionnaires and 60 family members and associates from the patient, they were matched. After describing the research goals for each family member and their complete satisfaction, the questionnaires were completed. The findings showed that there was a significant difference between the two groups in terms of quality of life (p = 0.001, df = 58, t = 9.4), and patients with hypertension had lower quality of life Suffer. The results of our research indicate that in healthy people, the quality of life is at a higher level. The quality of life in the elderly with blood pressure is lower than the healthy group.

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