Evaluation of the Learning Environment based on the Dundee R | 1752

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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Evaluation of the Learning Environment based on the Dundee Ready Education Environment Measure Model from the Perspective of Primary School Students in Roudsar City

Author(s): Safari-Moradabadi A, Kasmaei P, Khalfe Nilsaz M, Moradi M4, Ahmady F, Mohammadloo A, Mohammadkhah


Educational environment plays a vital role on effectiveness of learning and educational activity. The DREEM questionnaire is a tool for assessing educational environment. We estimated the dental students’ perceptions of their educational environment. This was a descriptive study using a convenience sampling in addition to DREEM questionnaire which was carried out on 23 female students of Roudsar city in 2015. The mean and standard diversion scores of perception. Students in the five areas including: the area of learning 34/2±5/66 of 60 score, teachers area 34/62±5/23 of 55 score, areas of academic ability 25/94±4/36 of 40 score, educational environment 33/33±5/05 of 50 score and the perception of students in the social condition 24±1/40 of 35 score. Total score was 168 of 200 score. Educational environment of learning is important, so improving this situation should be responsible priority.


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