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Evaluation of the Psycho Social Problems Associated with Obese Adolescents in Selected Government School at Chennai

Author(s): AR Bharathi*


Apart from being a genetic condition, obesity is usually the result of a sedentary lifestyle, excessive eating, and sleep deprivation. Overweight adolescents in particular face a lot of psychological and social problems reduced performance in school and social life, societal victimization, teasing, low self-esteem, low self-confidence and neuropsychological dysfunctioning. If the normal weight students and families are made aware of the psychological trauma that an obese kid undergoes then it may help in the family and friends supporting the obese child. Hence the present study was designed to analyze the psychosocial problems associated with obese adolescents. In the present study, significant association between the level of psychosocial problems of obese adolescents and their selected demographic variables was observed. In conclusion, awareness about the problems faced by the youngsters who are obese will help in better understanding obesity and its management.

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