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Examining the Fundamental Elements of Physical and Health-Enhancing Educational Activity of Student in Distance Learning

Author(s): Nataliia Kononets*, Maria Polyakova-Lahoda, Olena Ilchenko, Tetyana Nikolashyna, Lesya Petrenko, Valentina Tsina, Svitlana Nestulya, Oleksiy Nestulya, Valeriy Zhamardiy and Eduard Borodai


This study illustrates the notion of physical and health-enhancing educational activity in distance learning processes as a particular kind of helpful activity on understanding the physical and health-enhancing knowledge. Based on analysing the psychological and pedagogical literature, 4 structural elements of student youth's physical and health-enhancing educational activity have been designated following distance learning processes: reflexive-subjective, target, motivational, as well as activity-creative elements. Based on the data obtained, the motivational element indicates the motives system prompting them to physical education (PE) and makes the necessary for such classes in circumstances of remote education over the course of quarantine. The target element indicates goal setting, its details, and tasks intended to master the system of physical culture and health-enhancing knowledge, abilities, and skills. The activity-creative element reveals the system of skills as a collection of techniques to carry out physical activities at home, applying digital didactic materials. Moreover, the reflexive-subjective element demonstrates the capacity of students to handle their internal world, obey healthy lifestyle rules, especially during quarantine, develop emotional maturity, get the most out of their potential, invoke a sense of concentration, self-confidence, strength, movement.

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